What TV should I get?

Ok, my first discussion of potential home theater equipment is up and ready and you can read it through the link at the end of this post.

Funny, I used to be all about the sound.  Back in the day when 5.1 surround sound was new, that was all I was concerned with.  HD changed all of that and I’ll never forget my first look at the technology.  I remember too when we finally got an HDTV and there was barely any programming available using the technology.  My brother and I would watch stuff on “HD” channels with the bars on the side and try to convince ourselves that it looked really good.  Then Saturday came and CBS was showing their SEC college football matchup in real HD.  Holy crap that was like seeing for the first time!  I can still see the vibrant LSU Tigers logo at midfield through the eyes of someone seeing HD for the very first time.


I have the same high hopes for HDR and/or Dolby Vision, but we’ll see.  Check out the beginning of my home theater journey:


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