Denon AVRX4300H

At last, the Death Star *my living room* is fully operational.  All nine of my speakers (plus the .1) now emit sound.  For the last year or so I had a 9.1, or as it's better known a 7.1.2 set up in the living room.  However, the Yamaha receiver was only capable of sending signals to... Continue Reading →

Cutting the Cord?

In my household we are sort of half-assing the cord cutting thing.  I dumped Direct TV and replaced it with Directv Now.  I still have Fios for internet, phone and yes a limited TV selection.  Lots and lots of cords there.  It is a step in the right direction though, from paying close to $300... Continue Reading →

Raise the Roof

In the middle of all the pumpkin selections, moving of vanities and fall festivals, I've managed to complete the second installment of my quest to build a great home theater.  Of course, this is all hypothetical at this point as we are nowhere near being ready to finish the basement.  The current project involves remodeling... Continue Reading →

What TV should I get?

Ok, my first discussion of potential home theater equipment is up and ready and you can read it through the link at the end of this post. Funny, I used to be all about the sound.  Back in the day when 5.1 surround sound was new, that was all I was concerned with.  HD changed... Continue Reading →

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