Trading Faces

It’s been quite some time since you’ve heard from the likes of me.  I can’t promise that things will go on as before.  However, I couldn’t resist popping my head up to share this discovery.  Some of you may recall that I wrote about the method of sharing games, interesting pics and videos in the early days of the internet.

Yes, hard to believe but true…we shared these gems with all our friends and co-workers through the miracle of plain old e-mail. My favorite of all those exchanges, was an excel based movie trivia game. You had a number of scenes from movies with the faces and bodies of the actors taken out. The idea was to guess the movie titles and hope that you spelled them correctly in order to find out the answer.

By the way, I have no idea who created this game originally or I would give credit here. Wherever you are out there…thank you, it was brilliant!

Edit…evidently these are created by the folks at They post new ones every week, so check ’em out!

Can you imagine e-mailing this nowadays and requesting that people open your attachment to play a game? While you’re at it, can you please provide your bank account and routing number so I may transfer in a small fortune from Nigeria? Yeah sure.

What has brought me out of writing retirement, at least for the moment? Well, I managed to come across the very same game that I remembered so fondly. It has been about 18 years, but the nostalgia is strong with this one. Now, I can’t very well share this spreadsheet with you all (see above). However, I have selected a few of the best and presented them below in the best way I know how.

Try to figure out each one on your own. Some I think are easy, but others I’m not sure how I could’ve guessed. See how you do and share with others, just like the good old days! When you give up or think you know, just click on the plus symbol under each and the answer will be revealed.

One more thing: If the movie really brings you back and you can’t live without it, I have provided the option to order a copy by clicking on the Amazon button. Completely optional of course, but the small commission helps keep the lights on around here.

Have fun with it, and thanks for reading!

Wayne’s World

Top Secret!

Stand By Me

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory


Sleepy Hollow


Independence Day



Jackie Brown

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    1. That’s awesome, thank you for letting me know. I love these and I’ll edit my post to refer to the site when I have a chance.

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