Watching Paint Dry

If anyone is currently considering a bathroom remodel, I strongly recommend you think about it.  Do you really need to do this right away?  I mean, I knew we would be without the use of the upstairs bathroom for some time.  However, it's dragging on a bit longer than anticipated.  On top of that, I... Continue Reading →

Cutting the Cord?

In my household we are sort of half-assing the cord cutting thing.  I dumped Direct TV and replaced it with Directv Now.  I still have Fios for internet, phone and yes a limited TV selection.  Lots and lots of cords there.  It is a step in the right direction though, from paying close to $300... Continue Reading →

Blues Riff in B

I heard Johnny B. Goode on the radio at work today, which immediately made me think of Back to the Future.  Such an iconic scene and a pivotal moment of the movie.  How on earth did Michael J. Fox get his voice to sound so much like Chuck Berry's?  J. Fox / B. Goode...must be... Continue Reading →

Renewed Hope

The Millennium Falcon fled across oceans of space and the man in black followed.  Borrowing heavily from Stephen King, this is why I consider Empire Strikes Back far and away the finest of the Star Wars films. They hideout in the snow and ice.  They are relentlessly pursued and found.  They flee again and Han Solo... Continue Reading →

Mr. 1,000

The website has hit 1,000 pages, the viewer of this page has been identified and all the prizes have been presented.  Cinderella boy...tears in his eyes I guess.  Of all the dramatic things! Seriously, it's pretty cool to hit a milestone...any milestone.  I'm having fun with this and many thanks to all the people that... Continue Reading →

Utah! Give Me Two

What do the Red Hot Chili Peppers, 'A League of Their Own', and crazy Gary Busey have in common? 100 percent pure adrenaline baby! Point Break is a terrible movie and make no mistake about that fact.  But after Busey's exuberant request for multiple artery clogging (read: delicious) sandwiches, the film has become...........wait for iiiiiit...legendary. Don't forget... Continue Reading →

Ride Sally Ride

My favorite movie of all time may come as a bit of a surprise.  I'm talking favorite here not best movie.  The one that I most want to watch, especially when I am feeling down is none other than Roddy Doyle's classic "The Commitments"...spelled T-H-E. I first saw the film when it was released in... Continue Reading →

Raise the Roof

In the middle of all the pumpkin selections, moving of vanities and fall festivals, I've managed to complete the second installment of my quest to build a great home theater.  Of course, this is all hypothetical at this point as we are nowhere near being ready to finish the basement.  The current project involves remodeling... Continue Reading →

The 8th Hoosier

Every time I watch Hoosiers, which is often I can't help counting and re-counting the players on the team throughout.  I swear it baffles me every single time.  An extra player appears without any sort of explanation or backstory.  They go from a painfully thin bench to almost somewhat normal by the time of the... Continue Reading →

What TV should I get?

Ok, my first discussion of potential home theater equipment is up and ready and you can read it through the link at the end of this post. Funny, I used to be all about the sound.  Back in the day when 5.1 surround sound was new, that was all I was concerned with.  HD changed... Continue Reading →

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