The Numbers Aren’t Lying in Baseball

At one time the Coleco Head to Head Baseball game was the most coveted item in my life.  It was my white whale, my holy grail, my Incredible Hulk (if I were Mr. McGee).  I recall having to settle for the smaller, cheaper Mattel game which was just okay.  There was something about that fake... Continue Reading →

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Mystery M*A*S*H Up

One day during my college years, my roommates and I deftly avoided studying for any of our classes by watching three consecutive movies.  If I recall correctly, it was Apocalypse Now, then Rumble Fish and finally King of New York.  In the closing credits of each movie, the same name kept coming up.  Somehow we managed... Continue Reading →

Six Degrees of Semination

Sowing the seeds of the Kevin Bacon legend.  Connecting the prolific thespian to any other random actor in fewer than six movies is easy.  Going from Bacon to Bacon in exactly six steps without using Bacon?  That could be tough. Is anyone else getting hungry? While we are at it, Kevin Bacon hasn't been in... Continue Reading →

Renaissance on Ice

Ren·ais·sance man noun a person with many talents or areas of knowledge. a man who does everything and does it well. Of course everyone knows that in the 1980 Winter Olympic Games, the U.S. hockey team beat the Soviet Union and went on to win gold.  However, what captured the lion's share of my attention... Continue Reading →

Snowbound & Down

Huddling inside and surrounded by snow, I typically look to movies or tv shows to provide warmth and comfort.  A heavy dose of Jack Daniels doesn't hurt either.  But, what about the actual characters in those shows who are taking shelter from the elements?  There are quite a few memorable episodes like that, and some... Continue Reading →

Polar Express…It’s About Time

To understand my love of the movie Polar Express, you need to know about the first time I watched it.  It happened one Christmas several years back while visiting family in South Carolina.  On the very last day of our stay, time was winding down and the dread of saying goodbye began to seep into... Continue Reading →


I think I'm getting a new pair of UGG slippers for Christmas and you have no idea how happy that makes me.  I'm currently on my second pair of these things.  This most recent set I bought about two and a half years ago.  It's been great, it's been fun, but it's time to move... Continue Reading →

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