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Looking For the Perfect Game:

The Numbers Aren’t Lying in Baseball


At one time the Coleco Head to Head Baseball game was the most coveted item in my life.  It was my white whale, my holy grail, my Incredible Hulk (if I were Mr. McGee).  I recall having to settle for the smaller, cheaper Mattel game which was just okay.  There was something about that fake plastic stadium design on the Coleco that…read more


Cool Gifts For Guys:

Chico’s Top Picks For Gifts

I had so much fun recommending cool gifts and gadgets for Christmas that I decided to put together a list for the rest of the year too.  Sure…you can buy these for your family and friends, but wouldn’t it be more fun to keep them for yourself?…read more


Bacon to Bacon Without Bacon:

Six Degrees of Semination

Sowing the seeds of the Kevin Bacon legend.  Connecting the prolific thespian to any other random actor in fewer than six movies is easy.  Going from Bacon to Bacon in exactly six steps without using Bacon?  That could be tough….read more


At the Corner of M*A*S*H and Cheers:

Where Everybody Knows Another Name

For going on thirty six years now (god I’m old), Cheers has been my favorite show and a source of comfort.  When things go bad in the real world or I have a long day, I turn to these episodes to get away for awhile.  This has happened so often the last few years, I’m surprised the whole bar doesn’t yell out “Chico!” when I turn it on.  Ironically though, I go to ‘where everybody knows your name’ to become safely anonymous.  Wait…is that really ironic?….read more




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