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Baddest Santas

I think we can all agree that the “baddest” Santa in movie history was Billy Bob in the aptly named Bad Santa.  I mean duh.  But this got me thinking about other bad Santas that have popped up here and there…read more



All About the Bass:

Choosing My Subwoofer

Actually, it’s about better bass when selecting my home theater’s subwoofer.  More bass is not necessarily the goal here.  I’m mainly looking at size, aesthetics, and power.  Above all else though, I want to know if the sub represents how things are actually supposed to sound.  Shaking the room and bothering the neighbors may seem like the cool thing to do (actually it is).  It’s not what I’m after for the basement, though…read more


Chico Has You Covered for Holiday Shopping:

12 Great Ideas…Plus One Bonus!

I have decided to offer up 12 of my favorite things.  Each one inspired by a quote from a great holiday movie.  Don’t worry, you won’t shoot your eye out.  See how many you recognize.  And the gifts?…read more



Life as a New England Patriots Fan:

We Aren’t Who You Thought We Were

The life of a typical Patriots fan can be broken down into three distinct phases.  For the first forty years we suffered embarrassing ineptitude occasionally interrupted by calamity.  Then for six years we were the tops, the toast of the town, the bee’s knees, the cream of the crop,  the fans of the hour…well, you get the idea.  And now in the current period we are known as the most reviled, disgusting, cheatingest cheaters…read more



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