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At the Corner of M*A*S*H and Cheers:

Where Everybody Knows Another Name

For going on thirty six years now (god I’m old), Cheers has been my favorite show and a source of comfort.  When things go bad in the real world or I have a long day, I turn to these episodes to get away for awhile.  This has happened so often the last few years, I’m surprised the whole bar doesn’t yell out “Chico!” when I turn it on.  Ironically though, I go to ‘where everybody knows your name’ to become safely anonymous.  Wait…is that really ironic?….read more

Phillips Hue

Shedding Light on Smart Bulbs:

Our New Philips Hue Review

I started out with this set of two regular lightbulbs with the included Philips bridge.  Once you have a bridge, you can add up to 50 light bulbs to your system.  All of these bulbs can be controlled via your chosen smart device, by Siri and Alexa, or simply by using the Philips Hue app….read more


Guess The Mystery Actors:

Lines Without a Face

Way back when the internet was new and e-mail was still an exciting way to communicate, it was our primary way to share content.  There was no “Insta-Chat” and no “Snap-Face” to keep things viral.  Regular old e-mails were passed to and fro, slowly but steadily.  Now that e-mail is the new snail mail, let’s take a look back… more


Try Naming These Famous Guest Stars:

Mystery M*A*S*H Up

While writing about familiar faces that have appeared on Cheers, I discovered that Fishburne was one of dozens of popular actors that popped up in an episode of M*A*S*H during its run.  Upon further review, it might be easier to list the actors that never appeared on the show instead of those that did.  However, I thought it might be fun to pick ten of my favorites and see if you can guess who they are.  Watch for the clues and good luck!….read more




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