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Looking For the Perfect Game:

The Numbers Aren’t Lying in Baseball


At one time the Coleco Head to Head Baseball game was the most coveted item in my life.  It was my white whale, my holy grail, my Incredible Hulk (if I were Mr. McGee).  I recall having to settle for the smaller, cheaper Mattel game which was just okay.  There was something about that fake plastic stadium design on the Coleco that…read more


Cool Gifts For Guys:

Chico’s Top Picks For Gifts

I had so much fun recommending cool gifts and gadgets for Christmas that I decided to put together a list for the rest of the year too.  Sure…you can buy these for your family and friends, but wouldn’t it be more fun to keep them for yourself?…read more


The Comfortable Guy

I cannot overstate how important it is for me to have clothes that are comfortable.  It’s not just how they fit either.  Part of being comfortable is also looking good.  As much as I love wearing flannel sleep pants at home, I’m not going out with them on.  The thought of people looking at me somewhat strangely…read more

US speed skater Eric Heiden powers his way to a go
AFP PHOTO (Photo credit AFP/AFP/Getty Images)

Winter Olympics Legend:

Eric Heiden…Renaissance on Ice

Over a nine day span in Lake Placid, New York, Eric Heiden put on arguably the single greatest performance of any athlete in Olympic history….read more



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