Watching Paint Dry

If anyone is currently considering a bathroom remodel, I strongly recommend you think about it.  Do you really need to do this right away?  I mean, I knew we would be without the use of the upstairs bathroom for some time.  However, it’s dragging on a bit longer than anticipated.  On top of that, I really didn’t think about what it meant if I had to go to the bathroom at 5 AM.  This really never happens too often to me.  The last week though, it has been every single night.  Would you call that the power of suggestion?  Something like that anyway.

So here I am chained to the house for the second straight weekend while these gentlemen work.  I have literally…yes, literally had the dog attached to my foot while I watched TV, wrote stuff and worked on the website.  If I didn’t do this, she would be all up in the construction or trying to run outside.  I’m pretty sure she ended up eating something sketchy yesterday.  She had some mild stomach discomfort all over the floor.  All good now though.

Don’t get me wrong, these guys are doing a great job.  The progress is amazing and the bathroom already looks fantastic.

Shelf reliance

It’s just that…well, I want these people to go away.  I want them to leave our house and I want to use the bathroom.  Seriously, I need to go.  Be right back.

Phew!  That made me think of another thing.  What will be the final cost of this space station we are building?  How many checks do we need to write?  We seem to keep paying.  Can’t we just have one price and pay one time?  It makes it seem like we are paying through the nose.  When I take a step back and calculate it all though, it’s not really too bad.  Wait a minute, just got a text with another amount due…oy.

Tomorrow is paint I think.  I have been watching spackle dry today.  The real fun of watching the paint dry begins tomorrow.  It could be worse though.  I could be one of those DIY guys.

Sorry for the extra boring post, but it’s one of my personal favorites and I’d like to dedicate it to my father who doesn’t think he’s seen anything good today.




UPDATE:  The project is now complete and I’m loving our new shower!

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