Marvel’s The Defenders

Just finished watching The Defenders on Netflix…how the hell is this thing only 8 episodes??  Come to think of it, how on earth did the US men’s national team lose to Trinidad & Tobago and fail to qualify???  Ok so the 8 episode thing is probably not that big of a deal.  As it was it took several episodes for everyone to get together, so it was probably dragged out enough.  I mean come one…how long could it possibly take to defeat five lousy fingers?

Overall, I thought the series was good and the interaction between the heroes was pretty cool and sometimes funny.  C-56GOgXoAAVtpI

Some of the fight scenes were really good, although everyone seams to be a ninja of some kind.  The brute strength of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones is a nice change of pace, but even they seem to be ninja-like at times.  I would definitely be up for another season of this group especially if they add in some new blood…and Punishment (see what I did there)?  Glad to see that season 3 of Daredevil is confirmed because it was touch and go for a while there.


Here’s how I would rank the Netflix Marvel seasons so far:

  1. Daredevil – season 1
  2. Jessica Jones – season 1
  3. Daredevil – season 2
  4. Luke Cage – season 1
  5. The Defenders – season 1
  6. Iron Fist – season 1

If the Defenders had been a bit longer while maintaining content, I would’ve put it ahead of Luke Cage.  Iron Fist I only watched to be ready for the Defenders and really had to work to get through it.  I will say that I liked Mr. Rand in the Defenders A LOT more than in his own show, so maybe there is hope for that one.  That’s of course if any future seasons eventually get made.

By the way, of the five fingers of the Hand…who was the thumb?


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