Blues Riff in B

I heard Johnny B. Goode on the radio at work today, which immediately made me think of Back to the Future.  Such an iconic scene and a pivotal moment of the movie.  How on earth did Michael J. Fox get his voice to sound so much like Chuck Berry's?  J. Fox / B. Goode...must be... Continue Reading →

Utah! Give Me Two

What do the Red Hot Chili Peppers, 'A League of Their Own', and crazy Gary Busey have in common? 100 percent pure adrenaline baby! Point Break is a terrible movie and make no mistake about that fact.  But after Busey's exuberant request for multiple artery clogging (read: delicious) sandwiches, the film has become...........wait for iiiiiit...legendary. Don't forget... Continue Reading →

The 8th Hoosier

Every time I watch Hoosiers, which is often I can't help counting and re-counting the players on the team throughout.  I swear it baffles me every single time.  An extra player appears without any sort of explanation or backstory.  They go from a painfully thin bench to almost somewhat normal by the time of the... Continue Reading →

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