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Way back when the internet was new and e-mail was still an exciting way to communicate, it was our primary way to share content.  There was no “Insta-Chat” and no “Snap-Face” to keep things viral.  Regular old e-mails were passed to and fro, slowly but steadily.  Now that e-mail is the new snail mail, let’s take a look back.  You may recall such classics as the hamster dance, Bill Gates’ promise to send you lots of money, and that game which allowed you to shoot up your computer desktop with various weapons.

My favorite though, is one that didn’t stick around very long and is probably not remembered by too many.  It was a spreadsheet based guessing game which showed you various movie scenes with the actors removed, save for their clothing.  You had to figure out which movie each one came from based on the backgrounds and such.  The only problem was, you had to spell the movie’s name exactly in order to find out the answer.  Oh the horror of Excel’s Vlookup function!  Some of them were pretty hard and I never did get them all.

I’ve been throwing out a few of these on my Facebook page using a similar concept.  I’ve also done a M*A*S*H version of the game in my last post.  You all seem to enjoy the trivia and have been quite good at guessing them too.  As a result, I’m going to throw a bunch of scenes at you here.  I’m sure you’ll figure them out pretty quickly, but just in case, the answers are located via links to Amazon’s listing for the movies.  You may not want to buy them all, but each is one of my favorites as you’ll soon see.  Have fun with it and don’t forget to share!


This first one might be a bit tough, but not if you’ve been following my blog.  This is my go-to movie when I’m feeling down.  It always fills me with hope, even if the ending is disappointing for all the characters involved.  Hey, at least it’s not predictable.

What’s that movie?


I was just discussing this movie with some co-workers the other day.  The younger worker had never seen, or even heard of it.  We found that hard to believe at first, but then submitted to just feeling really old.  There are many things which make it one of my top ten films.  Without giving anything away though, how can you go wrong with a movie that visits my favorite place on earth?

What’s that movie?


This was the top movie when I reconnected with my college friends after a multi-year hiatus.  It’s a special one for that reason, but it’s also a solid classic.  I recall this being the first DVD I watched on my laptop computer too.  On a trip down to South Carolina, I watched it while my brother drove.  Hanging out with the guys is what it’s all about.

What’s that movie?


There is a strong connection between this one and the last.  I love it almost as much, but it clearly is the less popular of the two.  You gotta check it out though…there are some actors you never would’ve guessed were in it.  In addition, it features a song that combines with the “House M.D.” theme song to make a very good album intro.  Bonus points if you can name the House song without looking it up.

What’s that movie?


So many great quotes in this movie, at least for my brother and I.  Your results may vary though, since we have very specific reasons for throwing this one around.  This should be an easy one for most of you, so no clues.

What’s that movie?


Another movie that I go back to see again and again.  It may be dated material, but I think it just might be coming back in vogue.  I love going on cruises and rocking on the ocean waves.  Probably one of the reasons I really love this film.  It was a great book as well.

What’s that movie?

Midnight Run Dennis Farina copy

Those of you that love this movie will get it right away.  I don’t care, that pretzel sweater had to be featured here somewhere.  I first recognized the genius of this film on a trip to Ireland in 1995.  It was on in the hotel room one night during the stay (guess what time it ended).  It was so good, it’s actually one of the top memories from a vacation that was filled with amazing stuff.  Side note:  I need to go back there and play the Ballybunion golf course.  The views of it literally took my breath away.  Sadly, I never go to play that one.

What’s that movie?


The shirt in this scene spawns one of my favorite lines in any movie.  It’s hilarious and comes from an actor who’s also in the movie directly above.  This is another that was originally a very good novel.  It’s not a very well known film, or book for that matter, but I think it’s a hidden gem…a true diamond in the rough.

What’s that movie?


Snow, cold, coke and that hot cocoa with the little marshmallows in it.  All of this from an 80’s movie (is it comedy, drama or action?) with two stars that will tap dance their way into your heart…well, one of them will anyway.  No, it’s not White Christmas with Danny effing Kaye.  I do think you might find an old friend from Cheers in there, though!

What’s that movie?


The previous movie always makes me think of this one.  Once you get them both, I think you’ll see why.  Now, this is a classic I’ve not seen in a very long time.  Just messing you with that line, this has nothing to do with Star Wars.  I just may hit that link and pick up a copy myself, it really has been a long time.  It has possibly the funniest airplane pilot in any movie outside of…oh, Airplane!  It features reggae, weed and war.  A full-on, four-alarm conflagration of a movie.

What’s that movie?


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