I think I’m getting a new pair of UGG slippers for Christmas and you have no idea how happy that makes me.  I’m currently on my second pair of these things.  This most recent set I bought about two and a half years ago.  It’s been great, it’s been fun, but it’s time to move on.  There is nothing quite like the feel of a brand new pair of UGG slippers.  I swear to you, they are the most comfortable thing you could ever experience.  It’s like slipping your feet into a bed of feathers.  All credit of course, goes to those wonderful Australian sheep.

My style of choice is the Scuff Romeo II.  Some of the others like the Ascot Slipper look great too, but when I find something that works for me I stick with it.  Every guy that reads this needs to get past whatever hangup they have over the brand name.  Forget about the goofy looking boots that women wear.  Okay, Tom Brady too…but nothing looks goofy on him.  The slippers are a different story altogether.  If you’re lucky, someone will get you a pair for Christmas…then you could use that as an excuse to wear them while secretly reveling in the decadent comfort.

I just wore mine out in the snow to walk the dog.  They really hold up well and keep me warm in any conditions.   They are water resistant, so my feet stayed dry too.  It’s so nice to be able to go outside without having to put on shoes or boots.  The rubber soles wear like shoes outdoors, but are equally suitable for putting up on the couch to relax.

The best way to describe what it’s like to put on a brand new pair of UGGs slippers is that it’s like a therapeutic massage.  There is no happy ending here…the joy is continuous!

Don’t be telling me about foot massages

UGG is the foot friggin’ master.  You’ll know what I mean if you decide to walk a mile in my shoes, or rather, lounge all day in my sheepskins.

How about this: enjoy the best shower ever and then slip on a pair of UGGs and relax by the fire.  Our fire is electric, but still nice.  How could it possibly get any better than that?

Obviously, I am eagerly awaiting that glorious Christmas morning.  I just might get up earlier than the kids this year.  With a little luck my feet will be ensconced in dyed sheep wool by mid-morning.  UGG slippers are at the top of my list…how about yours?



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