What’s That Show Again?

Come aboard, we're expecting you.  That was the message sent to virtually every star and two-bit actor from 1977 until 1986.  It might be a neat project to list every guest star from The Love Boat during its run.  However, it would be far easier to identify those who did not appear.  I will probably... Continue Reading →

Who is the Man in the High Castle?

As a history buff and long time Prime subscriber, I've been wanting to watch Amazon's "The Man in the High Castle" for quite some time now.  With two seasons in the books and a third one coming, I have finally jumped in with both feet.  For a while I wasn't sure if the best move... Continue Reading →

Mystery M*A*S*H Up

One day during my college years, my roommates and I deftly avoided studying for any of our classes by watching three consecutive movies.  If I recall correctly, it was Apocalypse Now, then Rumble Fish and finally King of New York.  In the closing credits of each movie, the same name kept coming up.  Somehow we managed... Continue Reading →

Snowbound & Down

Huddling inside and surrounded by snow, I typically look to movies or tv shows to provide warmth and comfort.  A heavy dose of Jack Daniels doesn't hurt either.  But, what about the actual characters in those shows who are taking shelter from the elements?  There are quite a few memorable episodes like that, and some... Continue Reading →

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