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I cannot overstate how important it is for me to have clothes that are comfortable.  It’s not just how they fit either.  Part of being comfortable is also looking good.  As much as I love wearing flannel sleep pants at home, I’m not going out with them on.  The thought of people looking at me somewhat strangely also makes me uncomfortable.

As a guy that struggles quite a bit with weight, my clothes need to be on the roomy side.  The prevalence of “slim fit” items these days are killing this comfortable guy.  There is a very fine line between roomy and baggy, though.  The other issue for me is that I’m not that tall.  Therefore, I also need to buy clothes that give me enough room without being too long.  It’s so hard to find things which fit into that narrow (not slim) category.  So much so, that I tend to buy multiple versions of the same thing once I know it works.

I am dedicating this area of Beechum County to help those of you who are in the same boat as me.  I am going to find and review the stuff that works for us right here on this page.  Hopefully by putting in the time and research myself, I can help make things easier for all of you.  Before you check out my selections below, please also consider the most comfortable slippers money can buy.

I’ll try to keep these items up to date and as informative as possible, so check back often.  If there is anything in particular you’d like me to review, just drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do.

Stay comfy gentlemen…

Levi’s 550 Relaxed Fit Jeans  –  It’s been many years since I’ve actually worn Levi’s jeans.  They used to be the only brand I’d wear, so I thought I give them another chance.  These came just in time for casual Friday…and the day before Christmas weekend to boot.  They are very comfortable right from the get go.  They will take some breaking in, but that’s true of all denim.  These jeans are roomy without being baggy…exactly what I look for in pants.  The ultimate testament to the comfort of the Levi’s is the fact that I’ve worn them repeatedly already and even while lounging at home.  They should be fine if you buy your “normal” waist size.  I also like the fact that I could get as low as a 29″ length to go with my bigger waist.


Amazon Essentials Classic Fit Chinos –  I got these at the same time as the Levi’s, but for some reason I went with a smaller waist size.  Just optimistic I guess!  Like the jeans, I was able to get them with a 29″ length.  With the step down, they are a tad snug in the waist.  Obviously if you go with your “normal” size this would not be an issue.  Even with that tighter fit they are very comfortable.  There is plenty of room to pull them up over the waist line without restricting other, shall we say, sensitive areas.  These chinos will do nicely for my typical work day.  Added bonus is the wrinkle resistant feature…the Comfortable Guy does not like to iron.


Carhartt Pocket Long Sleeve T-Shirt –  This is the most comfortable long sleeve shirt I’ve ever owned.  I got it in X-large and even with my short arms there is no issue with the sleeve length.  That’s usually the biggest obstacle for me looking for roomy shirts.  Comfort goes out the window if I can’t keep extra material from restricting the use of my arms and hands.  This shirt is so warm and comfortable, I haven’t worn anything else at home since it came in.  I am currently picking out multiple color options for the same shirt on Amazon right now.  When summer rolls around I’m going to have to check out its short sleeved cousin.


Haggar Long Sleeve Knit Polo –  I desperately needed some long sleeved shirts that I could wear to work.  This Haggar polo is one that I got for Christmas to fill that void.  I always hesitate to ask for these types of shirts for gifts.  It’s so hard to get something comfortable without being too big…see sleeve issue above.  There are so many long sleeve shirts or sweaters these days that tend to cling too.  This shirt is perfect though.  It is the perfect length, hangs nicely around the middle, and looks great.  I had been wearing short sleeves at work well into the cold weather days, but no longer.  The material is nice and soft and there is very little static (another winter issue that kills comfort).  Somebody did a great job picking this one out for me!


Harrar Expandable Waist Plain Front Pants –  Speaking of Haggar, they have this great option for dress pants.  I love the idea of the expandable waist, not to mention the “no iron” feature.  I assure you, having the expanding waist is not like wearing sweat pants or something.  Nobody can tell the feature is there, but it still gives you all the room you need.  These could potentially save you some money too.  If you put on a little weight, or lose a little, there is not need to buy something new.  It’s so great having a weight range that you can remain comfortable in.  These pants are also great looking.  I’ve actually been using them as suit pants for the past couple months.  Just fantastic, and lots of colors to choose from.


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